The Fourth Alabama Painting by Don Troiani


Civil War Paintings

All images have been reproduced with kind permission of Don Troiani, Sidney E King, Keith Roco, Brian G Kammerer and Mort Kunstler.

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Drive Them to Washington

Drive Them to Washington, by Don Troiani

First at Manassas

First at Manassas, by Don Troiani

Fourth Alabama

Fourth Alabama, by Don Troiani


Jackson at Manassas, by Mort Kunstler

Baptism at Manassas

Baptism at Manassas, by Keith Roco

New York's Bravest

New York's Bravest, by Don Troiani

Capture of Rickett's Battery

Capture of Rickett's Battery, by Sidney E King

Three Cheers for Louisiana

Three Cheers for Louisiana, by Keith Roco

Sixty-ninth New York State Militia

Sixty-ninth New York State Militia, by Don Troiani

Seventy-ninth New York Infantry

Seventy-ninth New York State Militia, by Don Troiani

Tiger Rifles

Tiger Rifles, by Don Troiani

Second United States Dragoons

Second United States Dragoons, by Don Troiani

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