The Fourth Alabama Painting by Don Troiani


Sunday Picnic Uniforms

In October 1987 Paul Stevenson wrote an article, 'Sunday Picnic Uniforms', for Military Modelling describing the colourful dress worn by the Union and Confederate Armies at the first battle of Bull Run (Manassas), 21 July, 1861.

79th New York Infantry

Seventy-ninth New York State Militia Infantry

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Second United States Dragoons

Second United States Dragoons

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Company B Tiger Rifles, First Special battalion Louisiana Infantry

Tiger Rifles, Company B, First Special Louisiana battalion Infantry,

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'Sunday Picnic Uniforms' was the catalyst which inspired the research and development of the complete orders of battle for every company that was part of the for the Armies of Northeastern Virginia, Potomac, and Shenandoah during the Manassas Campaign, Virginia, between 16 and 22 July, 1861.


The article describes the uniforms of the Union and Confederate Armies which were, apart from the few regulars in the McDowell's Army, composed entirely of citizen soldiers. Most of these were volunteers, but a great many had belonged to existing militia units all with their own mode of of dress, blue and grey being the most common. The 'picture book war' started and ended at the first battle of Bull Run (Manassas) on 21 July, 1861.

The various styles of dress have been tabulated for most of the individual units in a chart which lists head-dress; coat, tunic, shirt, etc; collar; cuff; shoulder straps, shoulder scales or epaulettes; trousers; trim, braiding, kepi band, etc; trouser stripe; gaiters, as Zouave units often with leather jambiéres; equipment straps, belts, etc.

Illustrations by Bob Marrion

Black & white illustrations: Officer and private, Madison Rangers, Company H, Sixth North Carolina State Troops; Officer, Company B, Fourth Alabama Infantry, ; Private,Company A, Seventh Louisiana Infantry; Privates, Seventy-ninth New York State Militia Infantry; Officer and private, Thirty-ninth New York Infantry

Colour illustrations: Corporal, Fourth Alabama Infantry; Officer, Hampton Legion Battalion Infantry; Private, Washington Battalion Artillery; Sergeant, Second New Hampshire Infantry; Drummer, Second New York State Militia Infantry; Corporal, First Rhode Island Detached Militia Infantry

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