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Wargames Illustrated No.231

In December 2006 Jonathan Soffe submitted an article to Wargames Illustrated entitled The First Bull Run Project which was subsequently published in January 2007.

The First Bull Run Project

The First Bull Run Project

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The First Bull Run Project

Jonathan Soffe transforms a childhood passion into a wargaming/ internet fusion project.

"As a child I was fascinated by anything to do with military history. My interest was first sparked by classic westerns in which US cavalrymen typically fought and defeated the native Indians. And it was a film that first sparked my lifelong interest, or obsession my wife would say, with the American Civil War. It was the sight of the blue uniforms of the Union and the grey of the Confederates that inspired me to add the American Civil War range to my already large collection of Airfix historical figures."

"In my early twenties, my interest in the American Civil War continued to grow, and was fuelled by the purchase of the October 1987 issue of Military Modelling which contained an article called 'Sunday Picnic Uniforms'. This article described the array of uniforms that where worn by both sides during the first major battle of the Civil War, First Bull Run, listing where possible descriptions of each unit that was present during the campaign. This was a figure collector’s dream. That was it! I was hooked, and so began my obsession and 16 years of research and figure painting."

Illustrations: The 1st Virginia Cavalry; 'Jeb' Stuart, the most famous cavalryman of the Civil War, leading a regiment at the first battle of Bull Run; the 10th Virginia Infantry and the 3rd Tennessee Infantry

If you have information regarding brigade or company assignments and/or organisation please contact Jonathan Soffe at

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The above painting, 'Capture of Ricketts' Battery', is by Sidney E King. The painting is oil on plywood, and is displayed in the Henry Hill Visitor Center at Manassas National Battlefield Park.