The Fourth Alabama Painting by Don Troiani


First Bull Run (Manassas) figure collection

The regiments and artillery companies that were actively engaged on 21 July, 1861, have been reproduced using the 6mm Adler Miniatures ACW range.

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Tenth Virginia Infantry

Tenth Virginia Infantry
Fourth Brigade, Army of the Shenandoah

Third Tennessee Infantry

Third Tennessee Infantry
Fourth Brigade, Army of the Shenandoah

First Virginia Cavalry

First Virginia Cavalry
Unassigned, Army of the Shenandoah

A total of 1910 figures were painted including 36 artillery pieces and 180 cavalry. Below is a list of the regiments, companies and batteries that were researched and painted.


FIRST BRIGADE: Second South Carolina Infantry; Eighth South Carolina Infantry; Companies C & G, Thirtieth Virginia Cavalry; Black Horse Troop; Chesterfield Light Dragoons; Fairfax Cavalry; Hanover Light Dragoons

FIFTH BRIGADE: Eighth Virginia Infantry; Eighteenth Virginia Infantry; Nineteenth Virginia Infantry; Twenty-eighth Virginia Infantry; Forty-ninth Virginia Infantry; Schaeffer's Battalion Infantry; Thirtieth Virginia Cavalry, Companies B, D, F; Loudoun Cavalry; Loudoun Artillery; Lynchburg Artillery

SIXTH BRIGADE: Seventh Louisiana Infantry, Seventh Virginia Infantry; Thirteenth Mississippi Infantry; First and Fourth Companies, Washington Battalion Artillery

SEVENTH (DEMI) BRIGADE: First Special Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Fourth South Carolina Infantry; Thirtieth Virginia Cavalry, Companies A and I

RESERVE BRIGADE: Thirtieth Virginia Cavalry, Company K; Wise Dragoons

Headquarters: Powhaton Troop; Little Fork Rangers

UNASSIGNED: Hampton's Legion Battalion Infantry


FIRST BRIGADE: Second Virginia Infantry; Fourth Virginia Infantry; Fifth Virginia Infantry; Twenty-seventh Virginia Infantry; Thirty-third Virginia Infantry; First Rockbridge Artillery

SECOND BRIGADE: Seventh Georgia Infantry; Eighth Georgia Infantry; Wise Artillery

THIRD BRIGADE: Fourth Alabama Infantry; Second Mississippi Infantry; Companies A & K, Eleventh Mississippi Infantry; Sixth North Carolina State Troops; Staunton Artillery

FOURTH BRIGADE: First Maryland Battalion Infantry; Tenth Virginia Infantry; Third Tennessee Infantry; Newtown Artillery

UNASSIGNED: First Virginia Cavalry

McDowell's Army

FIRST BRIGADE, FIRST DIVISION: Second Maine Infantry; First Connecticut Infantry; Second Connecticut Infantry; Third Connecticut Infantry

SECOND BRIGADE, FIRST DIVISION: Second New York State Militia; First Ohio Infantry; Second Ohio Infantry; Light Company E, Second United States Artillery; Second Section, Light Company G, First United States Artillery

THIRD BRIGADE, FIRST DIVISION: Thirteenth New York Infantry; Sixty-ninth New York State Militia; Seventy-ninth New York State Militia; Seconnd Wisconsin; Light Company E, Third United States Artillery

FIRST BRIGADE, SECOND DIVISION: Eighth New York State Militia; Fourteenth New York State Militia; Twenty-seventh New York Infantry; United States Battalion Infantry; United States Marines Corps Battalion; United States Battalion Cavalry; Light Company D, Fifth United States Artillery

SECOND BRIGADE, SECOND DIVISION: Second New Hampshire Infantry; First Rhode Island Detached Militia Infantry; Second Rhode Island Infantry; Seventy-first New York State Militia; Second Rhode Island Light Artillery

First BRIGADE, Third DIVISION: Fifth Massachusetts Infantry; Eleventh Massachusetts Infantry; First Minnesota Infantry; Light Company I, First United States Artillery

SECOND BRIGADE, Third DIVISION: Eleventh New York Infantry; Thirty-eighth New York Infantry; First Michigan Infantry; Light Company D, Second United States Artillery

Third BRIGADE, Third DIVISION: Third Maine Infantry; Fourth Maine Infantry; Fifth Maine Infantry; Second Vermont Infantry

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Reference Material

The above painting, 'Capture of Ricketts' Battery', is by Sidney E King. The painting is oil on plywood, and is displayed in the Henry Hill Visitor Center at Manassas National Battlefield Park.