The Fourth Alabama Painting by Don Troiani

Departments of Annapolis and Maryland

Major Generals N P Banks & J A Dix, United States Volunteers

Garrison at Fort McHenry

Major W W Morris, 4th United States Artillery

Third Massachusetts Battalion Infantry; Eighth Massachusetts Infantry, Company K; First United States Artillery, Company I; Second United States Artillery, Company H; Second United States Artillery, Company I; Fourth United States Artillery, Company K; United States Marine Corps, detachments; United States Infantry, detachments

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Three Months' Volunteers

First Delaware Infantry; Sixth Eighth Massachusetts Infantry; Eighth Massachusetts Infantry; Boston Light Artillery; Sixth Pennsylvania Infantry; Twelfth Pennsylvania Infantry; Eighteenth Pennsylvania Infantry; Twenty-second Pennsylvania Infantry; Twenty-third Pennsylvania Infantry; Second New Jersey Militia, Companies D, E, I, and K; Manchester Cornet Band; Fifth New York State Militia; Sixth New York State Militia; Eighth New York State Militia; Thirteenth New York State Militia; Twentieth New York State Militia; Sixty-ninth New York State Militia; Varian's Light Artillery, Eighth New York State Militia, Company I

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Fourth Wisconsin Infantry; First Maryland Infantry; Second Maryland Infantry, Companies A, B, C, D, and E; First Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry; Fourth Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry

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