The Fourth Alabama Painting by Don Troiani

Orders of Battle, 29 July, 1861

Army of the Shenandoah

Major General N P Banks, United States Volunteers

Major General N P Banks, United States Volunteers, was assigned to command the Army of the Pennsylvania by General Orders No.46, Paragraph II, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D. C., on 19 July, 1861, and arrived by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, Virginia, on 23 July, 1861. He assumed command of the Department of the Shenadoah on 25 July, 1861, and the Army of the Shenadoah was organised by General Orders No.36, Paragraph II, Headquarters, Department of the Shenandoah, Sandy Hook, Washington County, Maryland, on 29 July, 1861.

Colonel G H Thomas, Second United States Cavalry

  • Nineteenth New York Infantry Colonel J S Clark
  • Twenty-eighth New York Infantry Colonel D Donnelly
  • Second Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry Colonel W B Mann
  • Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry Colonel J W Geary
  • Second Rhode Island Artillery (6 pieces) Captain W H Reynolds
  • Ninth New York State Militia, Company K Captain T B Bunting
  • Philadelphia City Cavalry, First Troop* Captain T C James
  • Second United States Cavalry, Companies A, C, F, & K Captain R W Johnson

Colonel J J Abercrombie, Seventh United States Infantry

  • Second Massachusetts Infantry Colonel G H Gordon
  • Twelfth Massachusetts Infantry Colonel F Webster
  • Twelfth Indiana Infantry Colonel J M Wallace
  • Sixthteenth Indiana Infantry Colonel P A Hackleman

Colonel C P Stone, Fourteenth United States Infantry

  • First New Hampshire Infantry* Colonel M Tappan
  • Fifth New York State Militia* Colonel C Schwarzwaelder
  • Ninth New York State Militia (9 Companies) Colonel J W Stiles
  • Third Wisconsin Infantry Colonel C S Hamilton
  • Fourth United States Artillery, Light Company F Captain D D Perkins

*Authorised by a proclamation calling for 75,000 militia to serve three months on 15 April, 1861.