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Autobiographies, diaries, letters, and memoirs

Autobiographies, biographies, diaries, letters, memoirs, recollections, and war reminiscences of the Union and Confederate Armies in the War of the Rebellion.



Joseph E. Johnston: A Civil War biography, by Craig L Symonds
Letters from Lee's Army: Memoirs of life in and out of the Army of Virginia during the War between the States, complied by Susan L Blackford
General A. P. Hill: The story of a Confederate Warrior, by James I Robertson, Jr.
With pen & saber: The letters and diaries of J. E. B. Stuart's staff officers, by Robert J Trout
I rode with Jeb Stuart: The life and campaigns of Major General J. E. B. Stuart, by Major Henry B McClellan
Biographical sketches of the commissioned officers of the Confederate States Marine Corps, edited by David M Sullivan
General Edmund Kirby Smith C.S.A., by Joseph H Parks
Memoirs of William N Pendleton: D. D. Rector of Latimer parish, Lexington, Virginia, Brigadier General C. S. A., chief of artillery, Army of Northern Virginia, by his daughter Susan P Lee
A gentleman and an officer: A military and social history of James B. Griffin's Civil War, by Judith N McArthur and Orville V Burton
John Letcher of Virginia: The story of Virginia's Civil War Governor, by F N Boney

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Major General Robert E. Rodes of the Army of Northern Virginia: A biography, by Darrell L Collins
Longstreet's Aide: The Civil War letters of Major Thomas J. Goree, by Thomas Jewett Goree
R. E. Lee, Volume 1, by Douglas S Freeman
Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early C.S.A.: Autobiographical sketch and narrative of the War Between the States, with notes by Jubal Anderson Early
The life of Cassius Marcellus Clay: Memoirs, writings, and speeches, showing his conduct in the overthrow of American slavery, the salvation of the Union, and the restoration of the autonomy of the States, Volume I, by Cassius Marcellus Clay


The journals of Thomas Hubbard Hobbs: A contemporary record of an aristocrat from Athens, Alabama, written between 1840, when the diarist was fourteen years old, and 1862, when he died serving the Confederate States of America, edited, with notes and index, by Faye Acton Axford
Reminiscences of the Autauga Rifles (Co. G Sixth Alabama Volunteer Regiment, C.S.A.), by Lt. James Monroe Thompson

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Voices from Company D: Diaries by the Greensboro Guards, Fifth Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, by G Ward Hubbs
War reminiscences of William F Futon, 5th Alabama Battalion, Archer's Brigade, A. P. Hill's Light Division, by William Frierson Fulton, Jr.
From blue to grey: The life of Confederate General Cadmus M. Wilcox, by Gerard A Patterson


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Getting used to being shot at: The Spence family Civil War letters, by Alexander E Spence and Thomas F Spence


The military memoirs of a Confederate line officer - Captain John C Reed's Civil War from Manassas to Appomattox, edited by William R Cobb

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Charlotte's boys: Civil War letters of the Branch family of Savannah, by Mauriel Joslyn
The Houston Home Journal: Personal reminiscences, Thursday, 26 April, 1883


Gentle tiger: The gallant life of Roberdeau Wheat, by Charles L Dufour


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Biographical sketches of distinguished Marylanders, by Esmeralda Boyle
Recollections of a Maryland Confederate soldier and staff officer under Johnston, Jackson and Lee, by McHenry Howard
Richard Snowden Andrews, Lieutenant colonel commanding the First Maryland Artillery, Andrews' Battalion, Confederate States Army: A memoir, edited by Tunstall Smith, Baltimore


A life for the Confederacy: As recorded in the pocket diaries of Robert A. Moore, Pvt., Co. G 17th Mississippi Regiment, Confederate Guards, Holy Springs, Mississippi, edited by James W Silver

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The Civil War diary of Albert L Peel, Adjutant, 19th Mississippi Regiment, by Albert L Peel

South Carolina

Giant in grey: A biography of Wade Hampton of South Carolina, by M W Wellman
The Civil War letters of Alexander McNeill, 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment, edited by Mac Wyckoff and transcribed by Cora Lee Godsey Starling
Shanks: The life and wars of General Nathan G. Evans, CSA, by Jason H Silverman, Samuel N Thomas, Jr., and Beverly D Evans, IV
Diary of Edmund Ruffin: The years of hope, April, 1861-June, 1863, by Edmund Ruffin


The Last Confederate General: John C. Vaughn and his East Tennessee Cavalry, by Larry Gordon


Ted Barclay, Liberty Hall Volunteers: Letters from the Stonewall Brigade, 1861-1864, by Charles W Turner
My Dear Emma: War letters of Col. James K. Edmondson, 1861-1865, by Charles W. Turner.
Manassas to Appomattox: The Civil War memoirs of Pvt. Edgar Warfield, 17th Virginia Infantry, by Edgar Warfield, Jr., and George Warfield
Lee's last casualty: The life and letters of Sgt. Robert W Parker, Second Virginia Cavalry, by Robert W Parker

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The diary of Michael Reid Hanger, Rockbridge Rifles, Company H, 4th and 5th Virginia Infantry, 18 April-30 October, 1861, edited by Robert J Driver, Jr.
The war of Confederate Captain Henry T. Owen: Henry T. Owen, 1831-1921, captain, Company C, 18th Virginia, Confederate States of America, by Kimberly Ayn Owen, Graham C Owen, and Michael M Owen
Shenandoah Herald: Diary of a soldier of the Stonewall Brigade, first year of the war, by John H Grabill
The memoirs of General Turner Ashley and his compeers, by Rev. James Battle Avirett, Chaplin Ashby Cavalry and other officers of the Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A.
Colonel John Pelham, Lee's boy artillerist, by William Woods Hassler
Memoirs of Governor William Smith, of Virginia, his political, military, and personal history, by John W Bell
The memoirs of Colonel John S Mosby, by John S Mosby
The perfect lion: The life and death of Confederate artillerist John Pelham, by Jerry H Maxwell
Repairing the 'March of Mars': The Civil War diaries of John Samuel Apperson, hospital steward in the Stonewall brigade, 1861-1865, by John Samuel Apperson, John Herbert Roper
Confederate engineer: Training and campaigning with John Morris Wampler, by George G Kundahl
Personal reminiscences of the war of 1861-5: In camp, en bivouac, on the march, on picket, on the skirmish line, on the battlefield and and in prison, by W H Morgan
Autobiography of Eppa Hunton
Brigadier General John D. Imboden: Confederate commander in the Shenandoah, by Spencer Tucker
Lee's young artillerist: William R. J. Pegram, by Peter S Carmichael



Ten tears in the saddle: The memoir of William Woods Averell, edited by Edward K Eckert and Nicholas J Amato
Fighting rebels and redskins: Experiences in army life of Colonel George B. Sanford, 1861-1892, edited and with an introduction by E R Hagemann

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Personal memoirs of General W. T. Sherman, Volume 1, by William Tecumseh Sherman
Robert C. Schenck, U.S.A., Major General of Volunteers, published by order of Union Central Committee, 3rd Congressional District, Ohio


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Major-general Hiram G. Berry: His career as a contractor, bank president, politician, and major-general of volunteers in the civil war, together with his war correspondence, embracing the period from Bull Run to Chancellorsville, by Edward K Gould
Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, Major General, United States Army, Volume 1
Sword and olive branch: Oliver Otis Howard, by John A Carpenter


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No more gallant a deed: A Civil War memoir of the First Minnesota Volunteers, by James A Wright


Until Antietam: The life and letters of Major General Israel B. Richardson, U.S. Army, by Jack C Mason

New Jersey

The Civil War letters of General Robert McAllister, edited with an introduction and new preface by James I Robertson, Jr.

New York

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Memoir of William A. Jackson, a member of the Albany Bar, and colonel of the 18th Regiment, N. Y. Volunteers, who died at the city of Washington, 11 November, 1861, by Joel Munsell
Memoirs of Henry Villard, journalist and financier, 1835-1900, in two volumes, Volume I, 1835-1862
Biographical sketch of James Clark Strong, by J C Strong
James Haggerty of Tìr Conaill, Irish patriot, American hero, by James H McLaughlin, Historian, County Donegal Association of New, Inc.
Reminiscences and letters of George Arrowsmith of New Jersey late lieutenant-colonel of the One hundred and fifty-seventh regiment, New York State Volunteers, by John S Applegate
Memoirs of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher, comprising the leading events of his career, chronologically arranged, with selections from speeches, lectures and miscellaneous writing, including personal reminiscences, by Michael Cavanagh

Rhode Island

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Burnside, by William Marvel
Diary of Battery A, First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery, by T Reichardt

United States Army

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Custer: The life of General George Armstrong Custer, by Jay Monaghan
William H. Emory: Soldier-scientist, by L David Norris, James C Milligan and Odie B Faulk
Custer victorious: The Civil War battles of General George Armstrong Custer, by Gregory J W Urwin
No disgrace to my country: The life of John C. Tidball, by Eugene C Tidball
The man behind the guns: A military biography of General Henry J. Hunt, chief of artillery, Army of the Potomac, by Edward G Longacre
Cushing of Gettysburg: The story of a Union artillery commander, by Kent Masterson Brown
Colonel Richard Irving Dodge: The life and times of a career army officer, by Wayne R Kime

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